About us

About Lela Korchilava and Simon Maes

We are a Georgian-Belgian couple who, along with many common interests, share a big passion – the passion for travelling. Our other mutual love is the country of Georgia with its diverse mix of landscape, people, cultures and traditions. This therefore led us to the idea of creating our travel agency Gorgeous Trips.

This decision was not surprising as our involvement in the tourism business goes back as far as 2004. Since then we have worked in an outdoor adventure shop, obtained a masters degree in Tourism Destination Management, did field research in various tourism destinations, completed volunteer work, guided tourist groups and developed programmes in different parts of the world. Our academic backgrounds in Biology (Simon) and Art History (Lela) enrich our work in tourism yet further. 

Our travel background

In our life we have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to and visit different destinations on almost all the continents of the earth. Our work, study and leisure time has often been spent outside of our home country. As researchers and volunteers we’ve spent months in destinations where tourism is just starting up, as well as in the countries where tourism is at the peak of its development.

We love trekking and hiking, so often we travel as backpackers off the beaten path. But of course, we can’t ignore the luxuries in life so once in a while we love to stay in the world’s best hotels and resorts. The interesting people and the intercultural experiences have always been a highlight of our travels. Our varied travel background therefore gives us the knowledge of all aspects of travelling and the ability to adapt to any kind of traveller or situation.